Motivated By Hate

There is a saying that goes “let your haters be your motivators.” It might sound like a good idea…right? Take the negative and use it as motivation. Although it may sound good, it’s a terrible idea. I have never liked or agreed with this quote. Hatred is not good for your spirit. Jealousy and envyContinue reading “Motivated By Hate”

The Stork Missed A Stop

Mother’s Day is approaching, and like any other holiday it can be tough. I know there are many people who will be dreading Sunday. I’m sending prayers to the people who have lost mothers, lost children, wanted to become mothers, have bad relationships with their mother’s, and all of the rest of it. It’s easyContinue reading “The Stork Missed A Stop”

Quarantine Quarreling

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic many of us have been stuck at home. All over the globe malls, schools, restaurants, museums, and other meeting places have closed. Many people are working from home because offices have closed down for the safety of their employees. With all of these closures, this means that you are stuckContinue reading “Quarantine Quarreling”

I Had A Good Day

I had a happy day today. I had one of those days where I wasn’t in pain, I realized how much love I have in my life from family and friends, and I feel thankful that although things aren’t perfect there is another day to go on. Sometimes I feel like when we have badContinue reading “I Had A Good Day”