Evolve Everyday

When I read this I asked myself what roles has society given me? Have I accepted those roles? If a new reality is available to me why have I accepted this reality? How much of what I think is assigned to me did I actually nominate myself for? Society has tried to dictate what jobsContinue reading “Evolve Everyday”

Marked By Beauty

During this past holiday break I decided to go to work without wearing any makeup. I go to work without makeup pretty often. I love makeup, but if I’m tired or running late I don’t bother. There is this woman at work who always makes comments about me when she passes. You know…the nice nastyContinue reading “Marked By Beauty”

Yes, I’m Depressed

Lately, many people have taken offense to my absence in their lives. I don’t call people much, because I don’t want to talk. I don’t visit people much, because I don’t want to spread negative energy to anyone else and I definitely don’t want to add any negative energy around me. That doesn’t mean thatContinue reading “Yes, I’m Depressed”

What Is Abuse

Many are in abusive relationships and are unaware. People will tell you to leave when there is abuse, but do you know what abuse is? The odd thing to me is that people will be in situations where they are abused, yet not want for you to be in abusive situations. This is normally notContinue reading “What Is Abuse”

Red Flags In Dating

One of my lovely Instagram followers read my last post and commented that she is new to the dating scene. I thought to myself how much dating has changed over the years. I wanted to do a blog about the dating red flags I see and hear from other people, and some I have experiencedContinue reading “Red Flags In Dating”