Death Of A Loved One

A close friend of mine has recently lost her father. Losing someone that you love in the physical is very depressing.  I hate that I didn’t have the words to say to her. I hated to hear her on the phone crying. Keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers if you will. This isContinue reading “Death Of A Loved One”

The “F” Word

The “F” word is the word that no one is supposed to say. It makes people uncomfortable.  People assume it means you are hateful and you want to exalt your power over others the word is feminism. Often you will hear people say “Why don’t you just call it something else?” or “I don’t likeContinue reading “The “F” Word”


I hope that all of you are doing fantastic.  I announced on my Instagram (Heyy_Friend_) that I would be doing a question and answer blog.  I had you all email me ( whatever questions that you would like for me to answer.  I have chosen not use anyone’s name because it best to keep everyone’sContinue reading “Q&A”