How To Make: My Partner Listen

Serves: 2

Prep time: A while! Please be patient.
Total time: Forever… once you get started you will have to continue.


Attentiveness | 2 drizzles

Kindness | 3 cups

An Open Mind | 1 whole unbiased mind

Humility | 1 whole soul

Patience | A dash of calm

Compromise | 1 pinch (to taste)


  1. Grab your patience and attentiveness and blend well.  You could try to use substitutes for this step, but the outcome will not be the same unless you use these specific ingredients. 
  2. You will need both your patience and attentiveness to listen and not to just react on impulse.
  3. You may not see things coming together just yet, but remember that the foundation of anything good is a good base.
  4. State your issue with kindness.  It is hard to use a warm tone when you are angry, but a tone greatly affects the outcome.
  5. If you know your partner has a good heart, and you know that they are not trying to spite you, try to add in an open mind.  It is so easy to assume that someone is trying to hurt us, but the truth is that people just tend to see things in different ways.  When you add an open mind, you will see that your partner may have a good point of view and they are not trying to spite you.
  6. Now you will need to pour in humility.  Don’t just explain to your partner how you are feeling; ask them how they feel about it too.  It takes humility to allow someone to show you your faults.  Don’t assume that every misunderstanding is someone else’s fault.  When you add humility and leave your ego out of the mix you will see that you may be the one who is causing conflict
  7. Bake for as long as you need to. Take your time and make sure that all of the elements have blended in together.
  8. Let it cool off. Sometimes separation allows us to go over things in our minds and not get burned trying to do things too fast.  When something is good you may want to rush and enjoy it, but rushing to fast when something is hot may cause you to get burned.
  9. Lastly top it off with compromise.  Once things have cooled off the only ingredient left is compromise. If it is still too hot to touch, you may need to let it sit a little longer before compromise can be added.

Special Diet Information

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  1. LoversBud says:

    fell in love with the presentation at first glance. Very informative and true


    1. Aja says:

      Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback ♥️❗️


  2. Linnea Blogs Her Way! says:

    This is super creative and helpful.


    1. Aja says:

      Thank you so much my dear friend ♥️


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