I Had A Good Day

I had a happy day today. I had one of those days where I wasn’t in pain, I realized how much love I have in my life from family and friends, and I feel thankful that although things aren’t perfect there is another day to go on.

Sometimes I feel like when we have bad days and we go through hard times they seem never ending. Maybe that’s because when we have good days we don’t pay them as much attention. Good days seem to go unnoticed unless they happen to be great days.

We take our health for granted until we are ill. We take loved ones for granted until they are gone. At this moment count your blessings. Think of all of the things that you have now that you complained about not having and wished for before. It can be an amazing experience to stand back and look at where you are and look at where you have come from. Think about how much further you have gotten compared to where you imagined that you would be. It doesn’t have to be in just one aspect of your life. Look at you life and it’s progress as a whole.

Being thankful and optimistic doesn’t mean times won’t be hard and that sorrow won’t come. Sorrow will surely come. Sorrow may come and stay for a long time, but happiness and pain are both momentary. No matter how sad you become or how happy you become both of these things will change. That makes it just that much more important to appreciate happiness when it is present. When sorrow is present remember it is only for a moment.

If I ever had one regret it is that I wish I didn’t worry when times get hard. I worry. I can worry myself sick. I have to remind myself that The Most High has a bigger picture for me. It is a bigger picture than I have for myself. It is bigger than whatever I was going through. I worry. As a matter of fact, sometimes I worry too much, but every time I get through it I have regret that i ever worried. Every time I get through a tough time I wish I had believed in my faith just a little more that everything will be fine.

The moral of the story is that if today has been filled with goodness for you, be thankful. If it was full of sorrow, be hopeful.


  1. I am glad you had a good day. For me its a bit of a challenging week.

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    1. Aja says:

      Oh no! I hope it gets better real soon for you.


  2. MikaMajor says:

    YES TO EVERY WORD!!!! Gratitude keeps us focused on the big picture.

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