Dating Don’ts: Men Recall Bad Dates

Have you ever been on an awkward date? Have you ever been the awkward date? Dating is hard, and sometimes when you are nervous you do some things that you wouldn’t normally do. I asked a few of my male friends to tell me about some dating mishaps, and here are some things that stuck out to them as dating no-nos.

My first friend made a list of what he doesn’t like women to on dates.

Dating is about getting to know someone. Don’t tell someone who to be or how to be. If you don’t like it just simply move along.

Here are some examples men have given about failed dating experiences

In my opinion, when you are getting to know someone its not about spending the most money or going to the fanciest place. Don’t ask someone to take you somewhere nice, and then come looking a mess. When you see someone is going out of their way to show you a nice time and be accommodating, let them know that you appreciate their kindness. We can’t sit here and complain about there not being any “good guys” if we mistreat the ones that are trying.

Listen…I know the social circle which is your life has probably got you rushing down the aisle and to have lots of babies, but you can’t make an instant family. Let a person get a chance to know you before you bring them around your children. Let a person prove themselves to be trustworthy before you try to force a bond between your child and a stranger.

Sometimes less is more. I know you want to prove your independence, but you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. Be who you really are and find someone who likes you for your true self. Leave the squirrel furs at home

The moral of the story is in order for two people to have the best experience possible you have to give each other the space to be transparent. Take your time. Jumping to make things happen won’t help anything. These instances may seem comical (and they are) but they could have all been avoided by enjoying the journey and not rushing to the finish.

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