Death Of A Loved One

A close friend of mine has recently lost her father. Losing someone that you love in the physical is very depressing.  I hate that I didn’t have the words to say to her. I hated to hear her on the phone crying. Keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers if you will.

This is a time of year that can be especially hard for people who have lost someone who is close to them.  Different people cope in different ways.  If you know of someone who has lost a loved one, check on them.

It reminded me of my first holiday without my grandmother. I’m not big on holidays, but neither was my grandmother.  I remember that holidays I would be off, but I wouldn’t be doing much but hanging out.  If everyone else was busy I knew that I could always call my grandmother or be around her and we could do nothing together. 

I didn’t really realize how important it was to me that we would do nothing, but it was important.  I finally realized it the Christmas after she passed away. I just lay in the floor and cried the whole day.  I had never felt lonely before in my life until then.  She was older, and I knew it was her time to go, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

I miss my grandmother everyday, but I am so glad to know that she and I had a good relationship. I am glad that I told her how much I loved her when she was here. We had a fantastic relationship. When she died I was sad but not regretful. I knew that I told her everything that I wanted her to know.

I have lost quite a few friends but one in particular hurt really bad.  Unlike losing my grandmother, I felt like I had so many things to say to my friend Shaunteil. I called my friend on a Sunday, but she didn’t answer the phone.  We always talked about getting together, but we didn’t because we were soooo busy.  Someone sent me a message the next evening telling me that she had died.  It really hurt me that If I would have just picked up the phone I would have gotten to hear from my friend another time.

Of course you don’t get bereavement for a friend dying, but I needed to be off of work.  I drove to work every day wondering why this beautiful mom of three was gone, but I was still alive.  It was a very hard time.

You never know the things that go through a person’s mind when they lose someone.  It can take them to a very dark place.  As you are posting your family and sharing love this season, be sure to think about the people who are realizing that their loved ones will not be around for the first time.

The moral of the story is don’t take days for granted, and be mindful of sharing your love with those who may be feeling sad and lonely

7 responses to “Death Of A Loved One”

  1. It’s crazy because I haven’t loss a close loved one in 22 years. However, my boyfriend has lost love ones and I have been insensitive toward his feelings. It took for his uncle to pass away for me to really try and understand his feelings. Not losing family in all these years scares the crap out of me because I’m always thinking what if it happens? How will I take it as a 32 yr old vs a 10 year old.

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    1. I hope it doesn’t happen to you anytime soon friend. I think it’s good that you are being sensitive to your boyfriend’s grief. I will keep both of your families in prayer ♥️


  2. I can totally relate. I’m still healing from losing my best friend and my Aunt. There’s always a void. It’s hard.

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    1. Praying for you still 😞. It is so hard

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  3. It’s very hard losing loved ones. My cousin died on Christmas about 14 years ago. It’s been devastating for my family. It’s just so sad. I love Christmas but I always remember to think of my younger cousins that lost their mother. It’s just an awful feeling. Prayer does work though, it’s the only thing that does

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    1. Amen! I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I will keep your family in my prayers.


      1. Thank you very much! I’ll do the same for you ❤🦋😊

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